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1. This rental form must be filled out and approved by the Manager in advance of any activity taking place on Sozo Coffeehouse’s property. Space is not officially reserved until the contract is returned and invoice is paid. Must be approved at least one week (7 days) before the intended date of rental, subject to space availability.

2. We desire that all activities held in the facilities do not conflict with the purpose, statement and policies of Great Adventure Ministries, Sozo Coffeehouse and The Well.  As such, ANY ACTIVITIES PLANNED SHOULD BE FAMILY FRIENDLY (SUBJECT TO THE DISCRETION OF SOZO STAFF) AND OPEN TO AUDIENCES OF ALL AGES. However, allowing use of the facility does not indicate endorsement of the organization or activity.

3. The Renter group agrees to indemnify and hold harmless; Great Adventure Ministries, Sozo Coffeehouse, The Well and its representatives from all damages, judgments, expenses, attorney fees and compensation arising out of personal injury, death or property damage sustained in whole or in part by any or all persons whatsoever as a result of or arising out of, any act or omission of User group, its agents or employees, or caused by or resulting from any activity incident to the program being conducted by the User group.

4. Rental fees are charged for events based on time and degree of privacy desired.

  • Use of the Conference/Party Room: $20/hr.

  • Use of The Well: Main Space with the coffee bar open to the public: $75/hr.  

  • Private use of Sozo Coffeehouse with coffee bar open to guests only: $125/hr [4hr minimum required]. 

  • To have access to sound equipment, please check the box under “sound needed” and note the $20/hr fee to use the equipment. 

  • To reserve tables (round or rectangle) please fill out the form below.

    ********* FILL IN BUTTONS FOR FORMS HERE***********


ALL BOOKINGS MUST BE PAID IN FULL AT THE TIME OF RESERVATION. BOOKINGS MUST BE PAID BEFORE THE EVENT IS CONSIDERED CONFIRMED. Cancellations or change of date must be submitted via email at least 7 days in advance for refund. 

5. Any Sozo equipment used by the group must be accounted for and remain in building. Any damage to the facilities or equipment must be reported to the staff and replacement or repair will be negotiated and costs covered at the Renter’s expense.

6. Proper ADULT supervision must be maintained by the group at all times. Children are not to be left unsupervised.

7. Groups using the facilities for food service must bring in their own tableware and cookware unless agreed upon in advance. Sozo CANNOT provide ice for events.

8. Outside catering is allowed. Food and drink not listed on Sozo Coffeehouse’s menu cannot be provided or served by coffeehouse staff.  

9. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises [Exception: Wine and/or Champagne for LIMITED TOASTING during private parties predetermined by manager]. No intoxicated persons will be allowed to remain on the premises. Alcohol not provided.

10. Sozo has the right to cancel or terminate an event or contract prior to or during an event where the above principles are deemed a conflict. 

11. Setup and teardown [tables, chairs, furnishings and decorations], is to be handled solely by the renting party and all such setup must be left in original condition and location. Prior approval is required before any materials, decorations or paper can be affixed to the walls, furniture, lighting, or fixtures. Party is asked to refrain from confetti or glitter use.

12. Renters will be held liable for any damages caused by them, or their guests, and will be charged to replace or fix any broken items. 

13. Please note set-up and tear-down times must be included in your event duration. We recommend at least 1 hour to set up and 1/2 hour to tear down, depending on the event. Please give an accurate account of your anticipated required time. Some events do not require any setup- if this is so for you, declare the same time as your start and end time.

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