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How many people can your space hold?

Our Spaces can hold a variety of people. - Study Rooms: Up to 8. - Group Room: Up to 15. - Conference/Party Room: Up to 45. - The Well (Main Space with Stage): Up to 200 standing. Up to 130 sitting. - The Whole Shop: Up to 250

Can I cater my own food for my event?

Since we only offer drinks and some bakery items, you are more than welcome to bring your own food, or have it catered. We only ask that any drinks (beyond water or lemonade) you purchase from us!

If I bring my own cooler/beverage dispenser, can Sozo provide ice for it?

Unfortunately not. We keep our ice ready to use for our drinks, and are unable to provide ice for coolers.

Am I allowed to bring alchoholic beverages into my event?

Alchoholic beverages are not allowed in Sozo. Our space is rented by a number of recovery groups, and we are intentional to be a safe place for them to relax and unwind without fearing relapse. We allow limited toasting (of champagne or wine) when the following requirements are met: - The whole shop is rented. - A form has been submitted and has received consent from Sozo's Board of Directors. - We have received written confirmation that there will be no other alchoholic beverages except those used for the limited toasting. - A $25/hour alchohol fee is paid.

What is your definition of Family Friendly?

- We want Sozo to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable.
- Any content (including music or actions) that includes suggestive, sexually inappropriate or explicit themes, nudity, cursing, graphic content or violent themes is not allowed.
- Any content (including music or actions) that is degrading to women, men, minorities, or marginalized groups will not be tolerated.
- Any content (including music or actions) that is degrading to majorities, or mainstream groups will not be tolerated.
- In short, content that is divisive, accusatory, or hurtful to people will not be allowed.

Will Sozo staff set-up and tear-down my event?

- We would love to help, but you are solely responsible for setup and tear down, as per the contract.
- The staff will make sure that the requested number of tables and chairs are in your room, and try to help with setup and tear down if they can.
- Our priority is for our baristas to be able to serve all our customers, and so their focus will be behind the counter. If they are available, they will help you if you ask!

I've submitted the event booking form, but it's not showing up on the website calendar. Is my booking confirmed?

- Once you submit your form, we will send you a Price Quote for your confirmation within 48 hours.
- When you accept the Price Quote, an Invoice will be sent to you immediately.
- Once the Invoice is paid, your booking will be confirmed and your event will show up on the calendar.

Do I need to include set-up and tear-down time in my event booking form?

Yes, this way even if an event was scheduled right before or after your event, you would still have enough time to set-up and tear-down.

I don't need time to set-up or tear-down, what do I put on the form?

If you do not need any time to set-up and tear-down, feel free to put the same time as your Event Start and End Time.

Can Sozo provide plates, cutlery, napkins, or serving utensils?

No, you are responsible for bringing your own cutlery, tableware, servingware, and napkins. If you are in dire need, you can ask one of the baristas, and they might be able to find something for you. But their primary focus is on the bar, and we cannot guarantee that we will have anything available.

If I bring my own DJ, do I have to pay the sound tech fee?

You only have to pay the sound tech fee if you are using our equipment in any way. So If your DJ is bringing his own speakers and set-up, then you would not need to pay the sound fee. If your DJ would like to use our equipment, then you would need to pay the sound fee because you are using our equipment.

I see on your drink packages that I can choose tickets. What are tickets for?

When you choose one of our on-demand drink packages, that means that your guests will be getting drinks from our coffee bar. We offer tickets as an option for you to control or keep track of who can get drinks. For instance: -If you are renting out the Conference Room, and have chosen to not use tickets, then anyone who would come up to the counter and ask for a drink under your name would be added to your tab. They would be allowed to get as many drinks as they wanted. -If you chose to use tickets then only those who had a ticket could get a drink under your name. They also could only get one drink per ticket.

What is the On-Demand Drink Package?

This is when you want to offer your guests the choice of something from our menu. We start a tab for you, and depending on what package you choose, your guests are allowed different levels of drinks. Your Cost: ($ package cost per drink x number of drinks) - $50 down payment = Your final price at the end of your event. Example: If you by the $4/drink package and 40 people buy drinks, then that would be $160. Subtract your $50 down-payment and your final cost is $110 to be paid at the end of the event.

What is the Basic Drink Package?

We prepare coffee and tea ahead of time for you, so that when you get to your room, you've got fresh refreshments ready and waiting for you and your guests.
Your cost:
Flat cost paid by invoice with booking cost. When you arrive any carafes or dispensers will be in the room ready for you.
Please note on the day of the event:
Additional carafes of coffee can be purchased and will be ready within 10 minutes.
Additional gallons of tea cannot be purchased, because they take an hour to steep.


Do you have a wheelchair accessible entrance?

We have a service elevator that is able to fit one person, their wheelchair, and the operator (one of our baristas). If you would like to use it, please call the shop and a barista can prepare it for you. Phone #: 402-671-0450

Am I allowed to smoke or vape inside Sozo?

In order to create the best environment for all our customers, Sozo is a smoke and vape-free environment.

What are some of your special drinks?

We have two drinks that stay at the top of our specials board all year round: The Hello Kitty and the Sonshine. The Hello Kitty is a caramel hazelnut blended latte with whip cream, sprinkles, and a sticker! The Sonshine is a warm banana bread latte.
Seasonally, we have dozens of other specials that pop-up! We've got cool, refreshing drinks like the caramel and peanut butter Cracker Jack in the summer, and warm comforting drinks like the Pumpkin Patch, a chai pumkin latte, in the fall.

If you want to build your own, just come on down! We've got lots of flavors to choose from.

How many flavors do you have?

Last we counted, we had 50+!

Want a caramel chocolate butterscotch blended latte? We've got you covered!
Want a white chocolate raspberry latte? For sure! We even named it: The Holly. Want a rose cherry lime italian soda? You got it! How about a chocolate cherry amaretto iced latte? Oh, you mean something that tastes like a chocolate covered maraschino cherry? Sure! Surely you can't do a orange white chocolate cinnamon latte. Oh yeah we can. At the end of the day, if you can think of it, we can probably make it! But that doesn't mean they'll all taste good! We'll let you know if we think it will head into the undrinkable. After all, we accidentally made the almond pomagranate oatmilk latte. Which unfortunately tastes like throwup!

Wait, how many different kinds of drink combinations could you make?

Funny you should ask! We had a slow morning one day and decided to figure that out! We calculated that if we did every possible drink with every possible combonation of flavors, we would end up with: Fifteen trillion, six hundred and seventy-six billion, four hundred and sixteen million. That's how many possible options. Overwhelming? Here's some ways to wrap your head around it. If we made one drink per second it would take us four hundred and ninety-seven thousand years to make them all. That's nearly seventy-one times the entirety of human history! On the other hand, if we wanted to fit our number into one human lifetime, we could do it in just 63 years! We'd just have to increase our drink making capabilities to one drink every eight thousandth of a second. If we wanted to give our baristas a little more time to make these drinks, we could give them a minute per drink. However, this would mean that it would take about one hundred trillion years to finish that drink order. At that point, every star in the entire universe would have burned itself out. At the end of the day, however, these options only exist to help serve you. Feel free to come in, check out our options, and if they seem a little overwhelming, just ask for advice! We'll be glad to give you some delicious ideas. :)

What's with the art on the walls?

We here at Sozo believe that Art has a way of reaching out and connecting to people. Kind of like what we want Sozo to do! So we try to highlight artwork monthly that is encouarging, thought-provoking, and beautiful. What this means is that we might have homeschool projects or well-known artists. We might have pieces that inspire hope or process through hopelessness. We might have art that invites us into the sacred or invites us into the mundane. We hope that when you visit you'll take a chance to sip some coffee, ponder the artwork, and find rest.

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